Things to Do When on Your Trip to Boston

The famous city of Boston is one of the best vacation destinations in the world for tourists from across the United States. This beautiful city was ranked as the number one city in the entire world to visit by the United States Department of State. If you want to make your trip to Boston a fun and unforgettable experience, then you should definitely plan your trip to Boston early so that you can avoid the crowded and expensive hotels during the peak tourist season.

Trip to Boston

A cheap trip to Boston would not be complete without a free walking tour of the city. If you are planning to visit Boston during the peak tourist season, then you should avoid the public transportation system and take the train instead. Traveling by train is much cheaper than hopping on the crowded buses. However, if you are visiting Boston during the non-peak seasons, then you can easily hop on the commuter rail from the downtown station to various other stations in the city. In fact, you can take a train to all major stations in the city even if the peak hours are not available.

A great and interesting thing about the famous state of Massachusetts is its numerous Walking Tours. You can go on one of these walking tours at any point in time, but the most preferred times to visit this place are usually in the fall when the weather is warm, and in April and May when the weather is cool. The famous Charles River is a great spot for visiting Boston with various Walking Tours. Besides, there are many other exciting activities you can do while being on one of these Walking Tours such as visiting historical sites, taking pictures of the city, learning about the history of Boston, going on an outdoor adventure tour, enjoying the night life in Boston, and many more.

Right from the North end to the South end, there are lots of things you can do while being on a free tour to Boston. Starting from the North end, you can head towards the Old South Bay Company Museum which is a great place to catch a glimpse of the history of the city. Here, you can also get to know more about the early American settlers and their lives. From the North end, you can head towards the Charles River, a must-see spot for those who love boating and fishing. Besides, from the South end, you can head towards the historical monuments and landscapes of Boston, some of which are really beautiful.

In terms of Eating and Drinking, you can expect both variety and authenticity when on a trip to Boston. There are lots of pubs, restaurants and other eateries around the city where you can easily have fun by sampling the Boston’s authentic food and drink. Some of the famous pubs you can try out are “The End of Boston Common”,” Cambridge Corner Pub” and “The Trinket Taphouse”. Apart from these, there are lots of other Boston Public Buildings and landmarks that you can walk around, including: the Boston Massacre Memorial (one of the most visited museums in the city),” Kelley House”, “Fried Pie Inn”, “The Old Cathedral”,” TD Garden” and lots more.

When visiting Boston, don’t forget to visit the famous “Green Monster” in the city, which is located on Boston Common. The green giant statue of an animal is one of the best sights to see in town. The sculpture is made of bronze and is sculpted by noted artist Robert Broad. If you are looking for good Walking Tours in visiting Boston, then this Walking Tours in Boston is your perfect guide!