What to Expect When You Go on a Safari Vacation in Kenya

In my last article I discussed how to book a cheap flight to Mombasa and other tourist destinations in Kenya. There are many other factors to consider when planning a safari or vacation here. One of those factors is the daily budget or income for the family or group planning the trip. The term “budget” can be used in a couple different ways. You could refer to it as a realistic weekly or monthly income, or you could use it in a way that includes the daily expenses for food, gas, and accommodations plus any extra money for entertainment that might be part of the trip.

Trip to Mombasa

Your budget for this trip can actually be split into two categories based on your day-to-day expenses. If you plan to stay in a Mombasa or other kind of local lodging with a private room, then your per night budget might include travel costs for a taxi to the town center or other destination from your hotel. The same would apply if you plan to eat at a restaurant with a private dining room. These are typical expenses that would apply per night. However, most people traveling to Mombasa will choose to pay for a flight and a hotel.

Even within these two categories of costs, there are some differences. For example, a single person can easily spend a couple hundred dollars per day on their trip to Mombasa. A group of adults can easily spend a thousand dollars per day or more. Even a couple hundred dollars spent in a week at a tsavo national park east Diani or other place like Kenya safari camp.

The amount of your per night accommodations can vary greatly depending on the hotel or campground where you choose to stay. These can be as low as twenty dollars per night, up to four hundred dollars per night, which is very expensive for an overnight trip. On the other hand, a four-night stay at a local hotel or campground may only cost you thirty dollars per night. These tend to be the more budget hotels and campgrounds.

When going on a safari in Kenya, whether alone or with your children, there are many things you can do to help save money. One of these is to pack lightly so that you will not have to carry a lot of items. Pack only what you need to take with you and then bring only those items that you really need. Bring along enough water for everyone to drink and do not forget to include snacks and other food items that your family may enjoy while on your trip.

Taking a trip to Mombasa can be one of the most enjoyable experiences for your family, whether as a family or as a group planning to go on a trip with other adults. The cost of a trip to Mombasa is much less than the cost of a luxurious vacation for adults, and it will allow your family to go to see some of the beautiful scenery that is only found in this country. This will also allow your children to see some of the animals that they would never see anywhere else and it is something that they will enjoy throughout their lives.