Travel Guide to Melini – A Relaxing Place

The Island of Melini is a small cluster of about eleven islands located in the Aegean Sea and it is a part of the Cyprus. It is a favorite among vacationers because of its unique geographical conditions, which is surrounded by the Laganas and the Corfu. It is also known for its tourist spots which includes the Mount Troodos Ski Resort and the Ski Resort of Zaarya. There are several ways of travelling around the Island of Melini which include the air and ferry services, the car hire service, the Veli Tamar River Cruise and also the boat trip to the Mediterranean Sea.

Trip to Melini

Travelling to Melini can be made easier by availing the services of any one of the leading travel agents, which will be specializing in this type of tour package. They will assist you in making your choice of the right accommodation that also includes the availability of the best resorts at the various places. There are several places that you can visit while touring the Island of Melini. Some of the important places that you should visit include the Melinis Ski Resort and the Veli Tamar Waterway Cruise.

While in the Island of Melini, you will have the opportunity of visiting several historical sites and tourist attractions that include the Orthodox Metropolitan Church, the Holy Basilica of St. Barnabas, the Piazza di San Marco, the Santo Domingo Church and the Catacombs of Komissos. The Cyprus National Park, the Agia Maria Island, the Paphos Marine National Park, the Veli Tamar Waterway, the Santo Domingo Church, the Paphos Archaeological Museum, the Veli Tamar Temple, and several other important landmarks. Apart from all these activities, the island is also known for many sporting activities like sailing, windsurfing, skiing, wind surfing, rafting and many others. These adventurous sports provide you a memorable experience.

Another thing that you need to consider before planning a trip to Melini is the availability of various accommodation options. There are several accommodations available for tourists in the Island of Melini. These include hotels, guest houses, resorts, cabins, inns, bed and breakfast establishments, self catering apartments, and camping sites.

If you are looking for an economical way of taking a holiday in Cyprus, you should book a trip package for Melini Island. In a trip package, you will get several benefits like accommodation, meals, transportation, and recreational activities. It is also beneficial for couples and families. A package trip is mostly available for those people who are holidaying for the first time. You can also find trip packages for honeymooners and those looking for romantic getaways.

You can easily find cheap trip packages for Melini Island online. There are several agencies that offer these deals. You should compare the prices of several agencies before deciding on a particular agency. By doing this, you will be able to take a very good and affordable trip to Melini.