Travel to Sorel-Tracy, QC

Cityscape Quebec City

Travel to Sorel-Tracy can be a great way to travel to Canada. Many of the resorts that are in close proximity to this city are near some of the best parks in all of Canada. There is plenty of recreation for every taste. If you prefer hiking or backpacking then you will not be disappointed with the hiking paths as well as the hot air balloon rides.

Another great way to travel to Sorel-Tracy is on horseback. If you would prefer to do this on your own then there are plenty of outfitters that will gladly take you on horseback. You will find that if you purchase a season pass that you will have access to riding for the entire year. This is also a great way to travel to Canada if you are into cycling. There are many roads and tracks that have mountain biking trail.

There are also many miles of hiking trails as well as access to hot air balloon rides. Many of the hiking grounds are located within a few miles of the main city of Sorel-Tracy. The nearest hotel to this city is the Hotel Treboril. There are plenty of shops in the area as well as a multitude of restaurants. Traveling to Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, Canada is an enjoyable experience and one that can be done on your own, but can also be done as part of a tour.

You will want to calculate the distance you need to travel by using the online distance calculator. Simply click here to find out the distance between your starting point and your destination. Then, you will want to look up the Canadian Border Services Agency website and the National Marine Fisheries Service website. These two websites will give you the proper documents you need for crossing the border. From there, you can take the easiest road on the Canadian side of the Trans Canada Trail to get to the town of Sorel-Tracy and continue your travel north.

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From Sorel-Tracy, you can take the Old Port Road that goes all the way to Grande Rivere, in order to experience the unique history and culture in this area. The next day, you can travel to Grande Rivere and stay at the Hotel Breton, a beautiful old house. You will then continue on to Port Hope, where you can visit the many beaches along the lake. It is possible to hike along parts of the Trans Canada Trail while staying at the Hotel Breton. The last day, you can head back to your parking area and catch your dinner at one of the restaurants in Grande Rivere. While in Quebec, you should also stop by the Dieppe Historic Site, which is a First World War memorial depicting the German invasion of Canada.

This is a brief itinerary of what can be done while traveling from Sorel-Tracy to Canada. In addition to the activities mentioned here, you should consider the Forties exploration as part of your trip. The fort was built during the days of the French Provence and has been declared a national monument. Today, it is open to the public for visitors who are not from the region. The Forties exploration is a fascinating way to learn about the history of the area.